St Helena, 50 Pence (50th anniversary of Queen's Coronation) 2003 Silver Proof

In 2003 the tiny island of St. Helena authorised a very small number of proof sterling silver crownsized 50 Pence pieces to be struck. They were for the 50th anniversary of the Coronation and have the Queen on both sides. we don’t know how many were made but we had never seen one before and knowing who had them made, we would guess very few. We think you will find this crown pleasing in design, and very pleasing in both the low mintage and the low price, especially considering what the mints charge today.
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50th Anniversary of the Queen's Coronation

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Picture of Solomon Islands, 2015 Silver Proof Crown in Queen Elizabeth's Honour

Solomon Islands, 2015 Silver Proof Crown in Queen Elizabeth's Honour

The small South Pacific nation of the Solomon Islands in 2015 issued a handsome silver proof crown or $10.00 to honour H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. You have her on one side wearing a crown with Parliament and Big Ben behind her. The inscription reads ‘Confidant from observer order amid change’. The other side has H. M. the Queen wearing her tiara. They are struck in Proof Sterling Silver and are rather handsome. You get two Queens for the price of one, as one of the staff commented. Small quantity in stock and for one price you are getting two different portraits of The Queen.

Colombia 5 Coin Mint Set

Colombia is now one of the most go ahead countries in South America. It has gotten rid of most of the drug dealers and is now joining the rest of the world in working hard and growing. Their new coins express this ‘go get them’ image and I think they are rather special, all showing animals. They are all dated 2013-2014 and are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The two largest denominations are bi-metallic. You get the 50 Pesos with a bear on it, the 100 Pesos a flowering plant, 200 Pesos with a parrot, 500 Pesos with a frog and the 1000 Pesos with a tortoise on it. The designs are beautiful and it is one of the nicest modern sets that we have seen. Unfortunately, we were only allocated 100 sets of the new coinage, seems there is a small problem about taking the coins out of the country. Never-the-less our man managed to get us 100 Brilliant Uncirculated sets. Don’t miss out.
1947 2 Kroner About Uncirculated_obv

Sweden, 2 Kroner 1947 About Uncirculated

In Sweden after World War II, the largest coin to regularly circulate was the silver 2 Kroner. It has the bust of King Gustaf V on the obverse and the crowned arms of Sweden on the reverse. These coins are in About Uncirculated condition with lots of lustre. We have about ten pieces of each date available. A coin you don’t see every day, especially in this high a grade. Get them while you can.