Spain 25 Pesetas 1928 P74 Fine

Spain 25 pesetas 1928 P74b Blue and brown Calderon de la Barca at r and monument at centre/ Painting Fine
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Spain 50 Pesetas 1928 P75b Fine_obv

Spain 50 Pesetas 1928 P75b Fine

50 pesetas featuring painter Velazquez note dated 1928 (P75) and The Surrender of Breda. Lovely Fine.
Lebanon Set 7 Unc

Lebanon Set 7 Unc

A complete set of the notes issued by Lebanon between the 1960’s and 1980’s. There are 7 different values ranging from the 1 livre through to the 250 livres (P61-7). They are wonderfully illustrated with views of ancient ruins alongside illustrations of a grotto, a stone bridge, a rocky seascape, an ancient fort and temple, a view of a town, and the famous Lebanese cedars. Uncirculated example.
Aldabra Islands Fantasy Set Polymer 50- 500 (6 Values)Young Queen Eliz

Aldabra Islands Fantasy Set Polymer 50- 500 (6 Values) Young Queen Elizabeth

A wonderful set of 6 polymer fantasy notes for the Aldabra Islands (Seychelles) The set includes 5 values – the 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, and 500 pounds values. The vertical design on the front features a charming portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as a young girl, reminiscent of her portrait on the 1935 Canada 20 dollars. On the back, in the more traditional horizontal format, various colourful birds native to the islands and including Macaws, are illustrated. A charming fantasy polymer set in Uncirculated.