Southern Rhodesia, George VI, Penny 1940 Fine

1940 Southern Rhodesia Penny in Fine.
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George VI, Threepence 1947 Fine_obv

Southern Rhodesia, George VI, Threepence 1947 Fine

1947 Southern Rhodesia Threepence in Fine.
Picture of Rhodesian Independence – 1965.

Rhodesian Independence – 1965.

Bronze 38mm. Obv. Bust of Ian Smith in field of diamonds. Rev. cross divides main industrial scenes, mining, power generation, and agriculture. Uncirculated
Picture of Gambia, 4 Coin Mint Set 1998

Gambia, 4 Coin Mint Set 1998

Gambia is one of the smallest countries on the African Continent by land area. But it is one country that a lot of British tourists go to. Getting the coins out of the country can be a problem, but a friend managed it. There are four Brilliant Uncirculated coins in the set, 1 Butut with ground nuts, 5 Bututs with a sailboat, 10 Bututs with a bird on it and the 25 Bututs with a palm tree. The coins are all dated 1998 and in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.