South Africa, 2020 Silver Krugerrand BU

Because of the pandemic, mints all over the world had to reduce production and thus the number of coins they issued. The first coins to be cut were the silver bullion coins and South Africa was no exception. At one point dealers wanted £45 each for a 2020 South Africa silver Kruger plus VAT from us! We did what any smart company would do, we said NO. We would wait till the price became more realistic. Now it has! These Brilliant Uncirculated coins which contain one ounce of pure silver, could well end up being the key date of the series. We have them at what we think is a fair price and a warning they could well turn out to be a key date. Supplies are very limited.
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In 1987 the United States celebrated the bi-centennial of the American Constitution (200th anniversary). To honour that event the US Mint issued a special silver dollar. It shows the Constitution with a quill pen and the other side has a group of people marching forward. It is a full-sized American Silver Dollar and is now 34 years old. It is struck in Proof Silver and reminds people just how important the Constitution is. We shall be trying to offer you other American commemorative silver dollars in future issues, but getting enough to offer you is not easy.
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This famous giant carving of four Presidents on a mountain is in South Dakota. It took years to complete and pictures George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. It was started in 1927 by Gutzon Borglum and was not finished until 1941. The busts are 60 feet high and done on the side of a mountain. This Mount Rushmore United States Silver Dollar was issued in 1991 for the 50th anniversary of its completion. They are struck in Proof 900 fine Silver and only issued for that one year. Supplies are limited and they are Silver Proof, supplied in protective capsule.
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