South Africa 10 Rand P-New Unc

South Africa has unveiled a new series of banknotes. From this series we off er examples of the 10 rand in Uncirculated.(P-New) The front has the smiling portrait of Nelson Mandela while the back shows a mother rhinoceros and her calf.
SKU: WSO2830
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Picture of Guatamala 5 Quetzales 2011 P122 Polymer Plastic Unc

Guatamala 5 Quetzales 2011 P122 Polymer Plastic Unc

Guatemala has flirted with issuing polymer banknotes and this 5 quetzales dated 2010 is one of the few. (P122) The front features a portrait of General Justo Rufino Barrios who was President of Guatemala between 1873 and 1885. The back has a schoolroom scene and celebrates the introduction of free primary education. Uncirculated polymer 5 quetzales
Picture of Ivory Coast 500 Francs P110A Unc

Ivory Coast 500 Francs P110A Unc

Picture of Malawi, Tree Pangolin

Malawi, Tree Pangolin

In 2005 the African nation of Malawi issued a set of four crownsized 10 Kwacha coins depicting Endangered Wildlife. These are beautiful silvered pieces in gleaming Proof condition. If we didn’t tell you they were silvered you would swear that they are actually silver. There were four crowns issued, The Pigmy Hippo (KM83), The Chevrotain (KM81), The Lemur on a branch (KM82) and The Tree Pangolin (KM71) all are wildlife that is endangered of ceasing to exist. You can own one or the whole collection of four pieces, in either case they are beautiful and we are sure you will fall in love with them. Each piece comes in a protective capsule to keep the coins looking gleaming and bright. Offered here is the Tree Pangolin (KM71).