Somalia, 25 Shillings, 2000, Mao Tse Tung, Cupro-Nickel. UNC

Issued in 2000 as part of the 'Icons of the 20th Century' series. This a cupro-nickel crownsized coin in uncirculated condition.
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Chairman Mao ruled China for quite a number of years. Some of the things he did were great for his people but many were not. He is featured on this crown from Somalia as part of the Icons of the 20th Century series. Some of the icons featured were fantastic people but some were rather infamous rather than famous, but in any case they were icons.
You have the portrait of Chairman Mao on one side and the arms of Somalia on the other. This crown is dated 2000 and struck in Uncirculated cupronickel, they are getting more and more difficult to get and we guess they will eventually end up in China. Even if the locals don’t collect them, they will sell them to tourists as souvenirs.
A most interesting, if not, controversial crown, but we think that anything that gets people talking is good. Add a Chairman Mao Crown to your collection and you don’t even have to go to China to buy one.

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