Elizabeth II, £1 (Welsh Pound) 2000 Proof Sterling Silver

In the year 2000 we saw something that most people will never see, not the change from one Century to another Century, but the change over from one Millennium to another Millennium. From dates that started 19—to ones that started 20—. The Royal Mint as usual issued a Sterling Silver version of the Pound coins for VIP collectors. It had a beautiful rendition of the Welsh Dragon and is one of the most beautiful of the Pound designs. Of course this size and composition of the Pound coin has already changed...
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MonarchElizabeth II 1952 - 2022
Decimal DenominationOne Pound
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Elizabeth II, £1 (Scottish Pound) 1994 Proof Sterling Silver FDC - in capsule

This handsome Sterling Silver proof version of the Pound coin was issued in 1994 when the design was to honour Scotland. You have a rampant Lion on one side with the so-called Maklouf bust of the Queen on the other side. These are Special Collector’s Editions struck in Proof Sterling Silver by the Royal Mint. They had an original mintage limit of 25,000, but I don’t know how many they actually struck. Each Sterling Silver Proof comes in a protective capsule inside the original Royal Mint case of issue. The design is most attractive and it would be very difficult today to even get a normal circulation issue in Uncirculated let alone Silver Proof. Now some 26 years old and not an easy coin to find, a great gift if you know someone born or married in 1994 and with the new Pound Coin just released, interest and demand for these older issues is greater.

Greece, 1978 Silver 100 Drachmas. Proof (KM.121)

Issued in 1978 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Bank of Greece. KM121. Proof in original Pack. Struck in .650 silver.
Picture of Elizabeth II, £1 1983 (the first) Piedfort Silver Proof

Elizabeth II, £1 1983 (the first) Piedfort Silver Proof

The Piedfort Silver Pounds were first started when the Pound itself was started in 1983. The series went on till 2020 when the Pound coin was changed to the current bimetallic issues. The Key, the most difficult to get has always been the 1983 Piedfort Pound. In fact, when one of the Japanese Coin firms tried to put 1,000 collections together years ago they were willing to pay up to £245 for this coin. Our normal price on the 1983 Piedfort Pound is £135. But we bought a dealer's hoard and for this issue only we are going to offer them to our clients at a very special price of just £110. That saves you £25.00 on the Key Date of the series. Supplies are very limited and we will offer this special price for this issue only or until our supply lasts.