Sierra Leone Gold Jub CoinCover

Sierra Leone was a British colony from 1808 until 1961. In 2002 when H.M. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Golden Jubilee they issued a handsome crown or $1.00 to honour the event. It is in a very large CrownCover. The crown shows the Queen with a very young Prince Charles looking out of a window at Buckingham Palace at the crowds. The cover has four full colour photographs of the Palace and the State Coach. There is also a four stamp souvenir sheet from Britain containing stamps to the value of 45p, 65p, 1st Class and ‘E’. All of the stamps have a different smiling photograph of the Queen. This crown is very scarce and hard to find, it is also Prooflike condition, the souvenir sheet is the first time we have seen it, so we guess both must be scarce and certainly interesting.
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