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Anne, Shilling Very Good

Queen Anne was the last monarch of the Stuart dynasty. Following 17 pregnancies, only one survived infancy and none were able to succeed her. She was also the first sovereign of the Kingdom of Great Britain, following the Union of England and Scotland in 1707. Before the Union, England, Scotland, Ireland and France (yes France, not Wales!), the shillings of Anne had reverses with shields depicting each of the four countries. After the Union the shield designs were changed - two shields showed the conjoined designs of England and Scotland. The Union represented a new dawn in British history, and one that is still argued over ‘til this very day. We're delighted to offer you a small group of inexpensive Shillings from Queen Anne from both the London and Edinburgh mint, the choice will be ours. They were well circulated but clearly show the queen and date, but details will be worn, dates will be of our choice but are between 1707 and 1711.