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Elizabeth I, Shilling Fair_obv

Elizabeth I, Shilling Fair

When Elizabeth took the throne in 1558, much of the country’s coinage was in a poor state after her father, Henry VIII’s debasement of silver coins. It was Elizabeth’s intention to raise the quality of the country’s coinage back up to Sterling quality, and in 1560, the Tower mint began striking her Fine Silver coins. They feature Elizabeth facing left on the obverse and cross over a shield on the reverse, they were struck between 1560 and 1602 and are getting very expensive in higher grades. For the first time in 13 years, we’re able to offer you Elizabeth I’s Fine Silver shillings, they are graded Fair as these were heavily circulated for about a century and are now up to 463 years old.
Elizabeth I, Shilling Sixth Issue (1558-1603) Mintmark Hand Good Very Fine_obv

Elizabeth I, Shilling Sixth Issue (1558-1603) Mintmark Hand Good Very Fine

Bust 6B, S.2577. Good Very Fine and toned. A slight flan flaw to the obverse that doesn't detract from this excellent portrait and absolutely superb depiction of the Hand mintmark, scarce.