Severus Alexander Denarius Good Very Fine

Born around A.D.208 in Phoenicia, Severus Alexander was the cousin of the unpredictable Emperor Elagabalus. He was adopted as heir in A.D. 221 at the age of thirteen and seamlessly took over in A.D. 222. The new emperor was young and weak, his mother, Julia Mamaea, and his grandmother, Julia Maesa, ruled the empire early on. Later, Severus Alexander assumed more power and was a reasonably successful ruler. He was popular with the people as he helped with debts and had many building projects. He also fought a difficult and partially successful campaign against the Persians from A.D. 231-234. But while campaigning against the German tribes on the Rhine in A.D. 235 his mother tried to pay the enemy to leave! The army saw this as dishonourable and chose a new emperor Maximinus, a Thracian. Alexander and his mother were murdered by their own troops in A.D. 235 at their camp near Mainz in Germany. We offer Silver Denarius of Severus Alexander in a Good Very Fine condition with various reverses. Don’t miss out on the last of the Severan Dynasty.
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