Set of 11 Different Pakistan Medals

We have offered some medals from Pakistan in the past but there has never been such a good deal as this one! We have taken delivery of some new stock and the supplier had made up some sets of 11 different Pakistan medals. It seemed a shame to break them up as they are all neatly packaged and labelled a ready-made collection. We normally sell these medals individually for between £12.50 and £18.95 so our price of £98.50 for 11 different medals (less than £9 each) makes these sets very popular indeed. You could hardly make the medals for that price these days. Get in quickly as there is limited availability of these sets at such a great price. The set consists of the following 11 medals, all come with their ribbons, are in a plastic envelope and labelled as to what they are. The ribbons alone make a very colourful display.
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SKU: OPK8890