South Africa, Mint Set 1999

This is a set of 1999 South African coins, but then the fun begins…The coins are 5c, 50c, 5 Rand and Protea which is a small sized Silver crown. The three small coins are Prooflike Uncirculated but the Protea is only listed as a Silver Proof, which this is. But, and here is the good part, Krause list the Protea as having a mintage of just 1,500 pieces (KM232). These coins were bought from the South African Government and sent to a marketing company in Norway. They were placed into a presentation folder where the text is in Norwegian. It is all a little confusing to us. But we do know that the Silver Proof Protea has a very small mintage of just 1,500 pieces. We are going to offer you the complete 1999 South African Mint Set for just £39.50 which is about half the catalogue price of the Silver coin alone. We think this is an excellent buy and would make a most interesting and exciting present for someone.
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