Russia, Nicholas II, Coronation 1896 Patina Silver

A number of collectors have asked us which Russian Patinas we have available in Silver. We have listed all that we have and the numbers run from 2 to 25. All are struck in Proof Sterling Silver and the final mintages are around the 300 mark. Today the Royal Mint charges £82-£88 for a crownsized silver proof coin, with mintages far higher than 300. Here is our special offer to you, while our supply lasts you can have this crownsize Nicholas II Coronation Patina in Silver Proof for just £39.50!!! That’s right, about half what the Mint charges for a similar piece with a much higher mintage. But supplies are limited...
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Constans Two Victories Fine

Continuing our series of the famous Constantinian Dynasty we offer Constans, the only son who certainly visited Britain. Born around A.D. 320, Constans was the youngest son of Constantine the Great. Following a short war with his brother, Constantine II, he survived and ruled the Western empire with Constantius II in the East. Constans even visited Britain in A.D. 343 by enduring the very dangerous crossing of the channel in mid-winter, campaigning against the Picts and Scots. This means Constans was the last legitimate Roman Emperor we know visited our shores. In A.D. 350 he was killed while on a hunting trip in Gaul by followers of the usurper Magnentius who went on to rule. We offer bronze coins struck between A.D. 342-348 with his bust on the obverse. The two Victories facing each other on the reverse symbolise military success for both Constans and his surviving brother, Constantius II. Here we offer them in Fine, we suspect it will sell out fast like the others in this series.
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Constantius II Bronze Fine Soldier spearing fallen horseman

Continuing our series of the famous Constantinian Dynasty we offer Constantius II, the last surviving son of Constantine the Great. Constantius II was born in A.D. 317 and named after his grandfather, the Tetrach Constantius I, who came to Britain and died at York. After Constantine the Great died in A.D. 337 Constantius II shared the rule of the empire with his two brothers. After a 13 years of tension Constantius II emerged as the sole ruler of the Roman Empire. He was involved in many wars throughout his reign, putting down rebellions and defending the empire against invaders. He died in A.D. 361 on the way to fight another rival, who became his successor, Julian II. These bronze coins offered here in Fine have the reverse design of a Roman soldier spearing a fallen horseman with the obverse showing a profile bust of Constantius II. We have offered different types of Constantius II before, check your collection as we suspect you will not have this reverse from this interesting and successful ruler.
Russia, Nicholas I Patina 1825 Silver_obv

Russia, Nicholas I Patina 1825 Silver

This is a Patina or retro-pattern to show you what Russian coins could have looked like. You have the bareheaded bust of Czar Nicholas I and retro dated 1825. We believe the final mintage in Proof Sterling Silver was something like 300 pieces. You have Nicholas’ bust on one side and crowned double headed eagle on the reverse. The workmanship is superb, finer than on the Russian attempt. Choice Proof condition, struck in Sterling Silver and with a very low mintage, what more could you ask for? How about a special price? Well this price is special! We are not sure how much they were selling for, but we have just 38 pieces available for sale. You would expect to pay £80-£100 for something like this. How about £48.50? But there are only 38 pieces available.
£59.50 £42.50