Russia 50 Kopecks 1915 P31 Unc

These Russia 50 kopecks were issued as a Treasury Small Change note in 1915 (P31) It’s fairly small. It’s a simple affair with a crowned double headed eagle as the main illustration. This motif was disbanded after the Russian Revolution which followed two years later in 1917. Available here in Crisp Uncirculated.
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George V, Halfcrown 1914 Circulated

The coinage of King George V was struck from 1911-1936. From 1911 until 1919 his coins were struck in Sterling Silver and from 1920-1936 they were struck in 500 fine Silver. Although there were crowns struck occasionally, on a regular basis the largest non gold coin struck was the Halfcrown or Two Shillings and Sixpence. The coin offered here is the 1914 Halfcrown in selected circulated condition, but let’s be honest the older the coin, the more circulation you can expect. We always give you the best coin we have in stock at that time.
Russia 250 Roubles 1917 P36 VF-GVF

Russia (USSR) 250 Roubles 1917 P36 VF-GVF

These 250 roubles are dated 1917, the year the Russian Revolution dismantled the Tsarist regime.(P36) They were issued by the Soviet Government. The simple design has a double headed eagle set against a swastika, at the time a symbol representing peace, rather than more sinister overtones that would come later in the 20th century. We offer this 250 roubles in VF-GVF condition.
Germany Bielefeld WW1 Notgeld Unc

Germany Bielefeld WW1 Notgeld Unc

This colourful 5 mark notgeld from 1920s Bielefeld was issued to commemorate the end of World War I. The note lists all 29 states Germany was at war with and the countries it made peace with. It also records the end date of the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1918, which marked the start of the German Republic. The design shows a man with a pipe and a man sowing seeds. Historic and Uncirculated.