Royal Mint Proof Coin Sets

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1979 Royal Mint Proof set

1979 Royal Mint Proof set

6 coin proof set from 1/2p to 50p in original Royal Mint case.
1989 £2, Pair Of Silver Piedfort Proofs For The Claim And Bill Of Rights_main

1989 £2, Pair Of Silver Piedfort Proofs For The Claim And Bill Of Rights

In 1989 the Royal Mint celebrated the 200th anniversary of William & Mary’s Bill and Claim of Rights. Celebrated by both England and Scotland. Under the Bill of Rights in England and under the Claim of Rights in Scotland. The reverse of both has the cypher W & M for William & Mary and the obverse the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. They are the old larger sized £2 pieces and struck in Piedfort Proof Sterling Silver in the Royal Mint case of issue. A beautiful pair.
1996 Deluxe Proof Set In Leather Case_main

1996 Deluxe Proof Set In Leather Case

In 1996 the Queen celebrated her 70th Birthday and the Royal Mint issued a special commemorative £5 piece to honour the event. They also struck a handsome and unique £2 piece for the 10th European Football Championship. Each 1996 Proof Set contains: The commemorative £5 for the Queen’s 70th Birthday, the Football £2, plus the £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p. Most important: the 50p was not struck for circulation, so if you need one, you have to get it from one of the sets. The Proof Set is specially struck in a high mirrored finish and placed in a display case.
2003 3 Coin Piedfort Set_main

2003 3 Coin Piedfort Set

In 2003 the Royal Mint issued a maximum of 7,500 Silver Proof Piedfort Collections. They contained the £1 with United Kingdom reverse first issued in 1983, the £2 for the finding of DNA and 50 Pence for the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Social & Political Union. The set of three comes in a case with three individual Royal Mint certificates and a Royal Mint certificate for the collection. Today the Royal Mint would be charging about £300 for a similar set of coins. But we have seven sets available at much less than this price. You get the 2003 Royal Mint Silver Piedfort Proof Set in case of issue with certificates for just £125, but there are only seven sets available.
2005 Silver Piedfort Set £2(2) £1 50p_main

2005 Silver Piedfort Set £2(2) £1 50p

Limited edition of 5000 sets. Consists of four of the commemorative coins issued in 2005 struck in Sterling .925 Silver including the £2 Gunpowder Plot, £2 60th Anniversary of the end of World War II, £1 Menai Suspension Bridge and 50 pence for the 250th Anniversary of Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary. All of the coins share the majestic Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of our late Queen and are housed in individual protective capsules in a plush green Royal Mint case with certificate.
2010 Silver Piedfort 5-coin proof set_obv

2010 Silver Piedfort 5-coin proof set

The late date Silver Royal Mint Proof Sets have proved very popular of late especially the scarcer Piedfort sets which would cost you a lot more money if you had to by the coins one at a time. One of the finest examples is this, the 2010 set, comprising the £5 Restoration of the Monarchy, £2 Florence Nightingale, £1 Belfast, £1 London, 50p Girl Guiding. In Royal Mint case of issue with numbered certificate. Only 2,500 sets issued and we have only two in stock!