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Charles III Sovereign 2024 BU_obv

Charles III Sovereign 2024 BU

We have just had our early strikes of the New 2024 King Charles III Gold Sovereign. The coin weighs almost 8 grams of 22ct pure gold and is struck by the Royal Mint. It is in choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition and is the first one of a new series. The first of any new series is always a difficult one to get, so this is your chance to get in at the beginning of the new series…Two points to remember, there is NO VAT payable on the coin and when you eventually sell it, there is NO Capital Gains Tax to pay!
2023 Charles III Coronation Sovereign Brilliant Unc_obv

Charles III, Sovereign (Coronation) 2023 Brilliant Unc

This is one of the first, and only, gold coins of Charles III to be struck featuring the official crowned ‘Coronation’ portrait designed by Martin Jennings. Each of the coins is struck in 22ct gold to the highest standards that we have come to expect from the Royal Mint.
Charles III 2023 Gold Sovereign Proof_obv

Charles III, Sovereign (Crowned) 2023 Proof

This is the first ever King Charles III Gold Sovereign depicting the King wearing a crown. We also understand that it will be the only one, the next issue will be different, in that the King will not be wearing a crown. This is a very important type of coin and one you should have in your collection. The mintage is just 15,000 coins and the Royal Mint has announced that the coin has now SOLD OUT! We got in early, but even the small number we were allocated has almost run out. Our coins are Choice Proofs in the original Royal Mint packaging and they are the first King Charles III Gold Sovereign to be struck. Prices have already gone up and, as collectors realise that they need this coin for their collections, they are likely to go up even more. We do not sell anything as an investment but we think this a good coin.
Charles III 2022 Memorial Sovereign Proof_obv

Charles III, Sovereign (Memorial) 2022 Proof

The first Charles III Sovereign struck in Proof has been long sold out by the Royal Mint. We got in quite some time ago put down our money and were able to buy 100 pieces, the mintage is only 17,500. One of the so-called marketing companies are advertising this coin for £1,199! Coincraft – Britain’s Coin Shop is selling the very same coin, but our price is only £790, while our small supply lasts. Coincraft has been in business for 68 years and some of our collectors have been with us for 50 years, we must be doing something right. We strongly recommend this first-ever Charles III Proof Gold Sovereign. We sell nothing as an investment, but at our price, they are good value!
Elizabeth II Memorial Quarter Sovereign 2022 BU_obv

Elizabeth II Memorial Quarter Sovereign 2022 BU

The Royal Mint introduced a new denomination of gold coin in 2009, the Quarter Sovereign. Most of these coins have only been issued in Proof but, in 2022, they issued a design that will be used for only one year and it would be the last one to feature the portrait of our late Queen Elizabeth II. They struck them in both Proof and Uncirculated condition and we have managed to obtain a small quantity of the Brilliant Uncirculated 2022 Quarter Sovereign. Each contains 1.997 grams of 22ct Gold. We don’t know the mintage yet, but I believe it to be rather small. One of the country’s largest gold wholesalers has none in stock but we have them for just £155 and at this price they will quickly sell out.
Elizabeth II, Sovereign ('I' India mint mark) 2019 Brilliant Unc_obv

Elizabeth II, Sovereign ('I' India mint mark) 2019 Brilliant Unc

In 2019 The Royal Mint allowed British Gold Sovereigns to be struck in India, with an ‘I’ mint mark. The last Monarch to allow this was King George V in 1918. The Mint has packaged them with a certificate calling them Bullion but they are certainly Specimens that look much like proofs. They are housed in nice official display cases. The coin is sealed in a card which is also its guarantee from the Royal Mint that it is genuine and of the same standard as a British Sovereign. It is the first time that we have seen them in the Royal Mint package, the coins were made in India. You have a current gold coin with the Queen’s portrait with the Indian mint mark. We have never seen them like this before. We bought all that the dealer had for sale, it was a good price, so you have a good price, that way everyone is happy.

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