Royal Bank Scotland £50 2021 P-New Polymer Unc

On 18th August 2021, the Royal Bank of Scotland released its new polymer £50. (P-New) Like the Bank of Scotland, the colour chosen was red, in line with the colour scheme of Bank of England notes south of the border. The front is dominated by a portrait of Flora Stevenson. She was born into a merchant family in Victorian times. Her legacy was as an educator who championed the rights of poorer children and young girls to be educated. She pressed for university education to be opened to women. Her first project was to run evening literacy classes from her home for messenger girls. Alongside her portrait is a view of Randolph Crescent in Edinburgh and the quote ’What Miss Stevenson did not know about education was not worth knowing’. Other illustrations include textile and dye elements. The back features two ospreys and an excerpt from the poem Nettles by N Munro, a midge and some Ladies Bedstraw, a plant using in the dyeing process. A wonderful note which comes alive under UV light! Uncirculated.
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