Royal Bank Scotland £5 1969 P330 GEF

Royal Bank of Scotland £5 1969 P330 Blue Arms at l/ Edinburgh Castle Crisp GEF/Unc
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In 1969, the Royal Bank of Scotland merged with the National Commercial Bank to become Scotland’s biggest bank. For one year only the Royal Bank issued a £5 note with the signatures of the General Managers from both banks. In 1970 the old General Manager’s signature from the National Commercial Bank was removed. We are delighted to offer high grade examples of the 1969 One Year Type £5 in Crisp EF/GEF(P330) The fronts feature the arms of the bank with a view of Edinburgh Castle on the back. Limited availability

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The Bank of England issued the £10 note with Charles Darwin on the back in November 2000 while Merlyn Lowther was Chief Cashier. The first notes which rolled off the presses had an error in the Copyright panel with an extra ‘The’ appearing in the inscription. So many millions were printed before the bank realised its mistake and corrected the error that this is now regarded as a separate variety. We can offer Crisp Uncirculated versions of the Corrected Lowther Darwin £10. (B390) They are distinguished from the previous issue by the removal of the extra word ‘The’ in the copyright legend. These paper £10 notes, disappeared from circulation are now over 17 years old and increasingly difficult to find in high grade. Crisp Uncirculated Lowther Corrected £10 note.
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To date the Bank of Scotland has issued just two denominations in polymer- the £5 and the £10. We offer Crisp examples of the £5 note here. It is dated 2016 and features a portrait of author Walter Scott alongside a view of the façade of the Bank Headquarters on the fronts. The reverse references the poet Robert Burns and the Brig O’Doon.
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Issued 27 years ago, these £10 notes are in Crisp Uncirculated condition (B369) They bear the signature of Graham Kentfield as Chief Cashier, a post he held until 1999. Printed on sheetfed presses, the front has a mature portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with a vignette of Britannia and a diamond-shaped symbol to assist the partially sighted. The back features a portrait of Charles Dickens and a scene from the cricket match at Dingley Dell from his novel Pickwick Papers. Sold in Crisp Uncirculated.