Royal Bank Scotland £20 Queen Mother P361 Unc

Royal Bank of Scotland £20 2000 P361 Mauve and m/ Issued to mark Queen Mother's 100th Birthday Lord Ilay/ Queen Mother and view of childhood home at Glamis Castle Special prefix QETQM Unc
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Since the early 1990’s the Royal Bank of Scotland has issued commemorative banknotes which have proved very popular with collectors. In the year 2000, the bank marked the 100th birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother by issuing a special £20 note (P361) Widow of George V she had a strong affection for Scotland where she spent much time as a young girl. Reaching her 100th birthday is celebrated on the back of the note with the Queen Mother depicted wearing one of her familiar upturned hats alongside additional vignettes of her as a young child and a view of Glamis Castle. A special prefix QETQM is on the front with a gold crown motif.

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