Royal Bank Scotland £20 Polymer P-New Unc

The Royal Bank of Scotland issued a polymer £20 note earlier this year which celebrated Kate Cranston, a lady associated with Glasgow in its heyday. In 1878 she opened her first tea room and went on to establish more welcoming establishments, all known for the high standard of service, food quality and cleanliness. She was also associated with Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the art movement of the time. Her tea rooms served as art galleries and became social centres for all classes even allowing women to meet without male company in the Ladies Rooms. On the back of these charming notes two red squirrels are depicted alongside an excerpt from Cupid & Venus by Mark Alexander Boyd. Look closely and you will see a midge, scourge of Scottish summers! Uncirculated at £35.00
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Royal Bank of Scotland £20 2019 P-New printed on polymer Mauve and pink Kate Cranston and view of her tearooms/ Otters playing Unc

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