Royal Bank Royal College Surgeons 500 Years £5 2005 P364 Unc

Royal Bank of Scotland £5 2005 P364 Blue on white Issued to mark 500th Anniversary fo Royal College of Surgeons Lord Ilay/Culzean Castle RCS Prefix and overprint. Unc
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In 1505, the Barber Surgeons of Edinburgh was incorporated as a Craft Guild, later becoming known as the Royal College of Surgeons. In 2005, the Quincentenary of this august institution was honoured by the Royal Bank of Scotland with the issue of a special commemorative £5 note (B364) It followed the regular design with Lord Ilay on the front and Culzean Castle on the back with a special edition of the prefix RCS and an overprint in gold stating 500 years The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh 1505-2005 Crisp Uncirculated at £16.50 each

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