Royal Bank of Scotland 'Golf' £5 note. Uncirculated

The second £5 note was issued in 2005 to honour Jack Nicklaus, the legendary golfer who had announced his retirement that year. Illustrations include Nicklaus performing a typical swing and a scorecard. With special serial prefix 'JWN' denoting his initials for Jack William Nicklaus and also depicting a golden bear, his nickname. Scotland is credited with being the country which invented golf so it was entirely appropriate that through the years the Royal Bank of Scotland has issued special commemorative £5 notes with golf as their theme. Offered here in Crisp Uncirculated condition.
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Royal Bank of Scotland 'Royal & Ancient Golf Club' £5 note. Uncirculated

The first of the 'Golf' series issued in 2004 commemorated the 250th anniversary of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club (P363). With special prefix 'R&A'
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