Roman Coin List October 2023

A new upload of Roman coins is here! This one will give you the chance to add to your collection Rare or Scarce coins like the Denarius of Diadumenian as Caesar, the Very Scarce Tetradrachm of Herennius Etruscus, and the Valerian Æ 22amongst many other coins.

As always, there's only one of each available, so don't miss out on this chance to add some Rare Emperors to your collection or Scarce coins of some of the most well-known Roman Emperors!

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  • Dynasty: Crisis of The Third Century
Florian. A.D. 276., Cyzicus. Billon Ant. CONCORDIA MILITVM_obv

Florian. A.D. 276., Cyzicus. Billon Antoninianus. CONCORDIA MILITVM.

Florian. A.D. 276., Cyzicus. Billon Antoninianus. Rad. bust R. / 'CONCORDIA MILITVM' Victory stg. on L. hdg. palm & offering wreath to Florian stg. hdg. sceptre. Good Very Fine & Scarce.