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Ancient Roman. Large ‘Nail Cleaner’ fashioned from Ivory

Ancient Roman. Large ‘Nail Cleaner’ fashioned from Ivory. Dating from Ca. 2nd., Century A.D.. Measuring 109 mm. overall in length. Ballustraded type decoration to the shaft. A very high status object. From an old collection. Found near Cirencester. Very Scarce.

Roman, Bronze 'Bow' Fibula Brooch, ca. 3rd cent. A.D.

Measuring 47mm in length. Original pin and catch plate. In a very superior state of preservation and a scarcer type.

Roman, Bronze 'Cruciform' Brooch, 3rd/4th cent. A.D.

Measuring 43mm by 23mm with pin and catch plate in place.

Roman, Bronze plate Brooch, 2nd century A.D.

Measuring 40mm in diameter with original pin in place.

Roman, Bronze 'Swastika' Brooch, ca. 2nd. cent A.D.

Measuring 23mm by 23mm. Pin and catch plate intact.

Roman, Bronze 'Swastika' brooch, ca. 3rd cent. A.D.

Measuring 36 x 38mm With a considerable amount of original tinned surfaces. Scarce

Roman, Large Bronze Key, ca. 1st-2nd cent. A.D.

Measuring 82mm overall in length. Very solid construction, a scarce and impressive piece for display.