Richard I Silver Penny Very Good

Richard, son of Henry II, was well known for his bravery in battle, indeed he spent most of his reign in battle which is how he came to be known as Richard “The Lionheart”. The only coins of his reign are the shortcross penny, they are difficult to find as he only reigned from 1189-1199. These pennies have the facing portrait of Richard on one side and a short cross on the other side. Richard didn’t adopt his own name on the coins, instead using that of his father – HENRICVS, as did his brother John that succeeded him. A portion of the pennies were cut in half and a quarter to be used as small change. All the coins on offer are real and genuine and over 800 years old. Our Richard I Silver Pennies are available here in Very Good condition. They haven’t been offered as a feature for 6 years, so make the most of this rare opportunity.
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