Rhodesian Independence – 1965.

Bronze 38mm. Obv. Bust of Ian Smith in field of diamonds. Rev. cross divides main industrial scenes, mining, power generation, and agriculture. Uncirculated
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George III, 1813 Military Guinea Paperweight_obv

George III, 1813 Military Guinea Paperweight

In 1813 they struck the last Guinea ever, it was shortly to be replaced by the Sovereign. They were struck to pay English troops advancing into France and thus called The Military Guinea. This is a beautiful Proof rendition of that last ever ‘Military’ Guinea of 1813. You have the bust of King George III on the obverse wearing a laurel wreath the reverse has a crowned coat of arms. It has been gold plated and comes in a protective capsule. This is the first time that we have been able to offer these large paperweights. They were made years ago and ‘lost’ in our friend’s warehouse until now. They will never be made again and we think they are fantastic.
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Admiral Gardner 10 Cash 1808 Fine

In 1808 the British East India Company had some copper 10 Cash coins made in Birmingham, England. Unfortunately, these coins never made it to India. The ship, The Admiral Gardner sank on the Goodwin Sands losing the crew and the cargo. Some 200 years later the ship was discovered and because the coins were shipped in barrels they remained in nice condition. Remember they were buried in the sand for 200 years and were subject to some rather rough conditions at that time. We managed to buy some of these coins when they were first discovered and have just recently found a box that we had put away over 20 years ago. These are copper Ten Cash coins struck in Birmingham and dated 1808 we have them in Fine condition, the choice is yours. We are selling them for much less than the American dealers are charging, We think they are a good buy.
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Southern Rhodesia, George VI, Penny 1940 Fine

1940 Southern Rhodesia Penny in Fine.