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Picture of George Cross Replica with ribbon

George Cross Replica with ribbon

The George Cross or ‘GC’ as it is affectionately known is the highest award that a civilian can get. It is also sometimes awarded to military personnel for an act for which military honours would not normally come into play. This is a handsome replica, as only 157 real ones have been issued since its inception in 1941. You have St. George and the dragon in the middle of a cross with ‘For Gallantry’ round the centre. King George VI’s cipher is in the angles. There is a bar that has ornamented laurels and the ribbon is a dark blue. These replicas are stamped ‘Copy’ on the reverse so no one could confuse them with originals. An original will sell for between £8,000 and £12,000. So even if you could find one, you might not be able to afford it… This handsome replica is large and heavy, just like the original but priced so that most collectors can afford it.

Military Medal Replica

The Military Medal was awarded to personnel of the British Armed Forces, and to personnel of other Commonwealth countries, below commissioned rank, for bravery in battle on land. The award was established in 1916, with retrospective application to 1914, with over 115,000 being awarded during the First World War alone. The award was discontinued in 1993 when it was replaced by the Military Cross. You have the uncrowned bust of George V on one side and on the reverse the crowned cipher of George V with the words FOR BRAVERY IN THE FIELD beneath, all surrounded by a wreath and suspended from a red, white and blue ribbon. The originals were struck in silver. These superbly produced replicas are struck in cupro-nickel and stamped COPY but look and feel just like the real thing. This is the first time we have been able to get a supply of these medals and at this price, they are sure to be popular as even the cheapest original would cost around £500 these days.
Picture of Victoria Cross Replica

Victoria Cross Replica

The Victoria Cross is our highest award for Valour and outranks all other decorations. It was first given by Queen Victoria in 1856 to honour those who were in the Crimean War. It is struck from bronze that comes from a melted down cannon captured from the Russians in the Crimean War. So far 1,355 individuals have been awarded a Victoria Cross. It is given for Extreme Bravery carried out under direct enemy fire. It is a bronze cross with a lion standing on a crown and the legend reads ‘’For Valour’. Today an original can cost several hundred thousand pounds. This is a beautiful replica with the word ‘Copy’ on the reverse, so no one can pass it off as real. The ribbon is ribbed red and just like on the original. We are tired of people asking £50.00 or more for a poor copy of the Victoria Cross. Our friends, who do such excellent work, took months to plan and make this exact copy. We are sure you will appreciate the quality of the workmanship and our incredible pricing. At Coincraft we know what our clients like and we try and give it to them.

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