Remember Nelson by Thomas Hardy

Campaign and Commemorative Medals, Portrait Medallions and Associated Insignia 1797-2005.
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Remember Nelson by Thomas Hardy

Remember Nelson. Campaign and Commemorative Medals, Portrait Medallions and Associated Insignia 1797-2005.

On 21 October every year, on British Naval ships and bases throughout the world, the toast 'To the Immortal Memory' has been and will continue to be given. It will be drunk in silence, and seated. Such is the tradition that keeps alive the memory of one of England's greatest heroes, Vice-Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. Dying in his hour of victory at the battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805, his name will live forever in the annals of British naval history. The outpourings of grief at his death, and seen at his State funeral and burial in St Paul's Cathedral, London, were such as had never been seen before, or since.

Endless souvenirs, mementoes of all kinds, in all sorts of materials, were produced then and throughout the following years. Most lasting of them were the many commemorative medallions in gold, silver, bronze and other metals produced from 1805 onwards, especially for the centenary in 1905, and the bi-centenary of the battle in 2005.

This book lists the many medallions, medalets, awards, prizes, and also the naval campaign medals, associated with Nelson, as well as the non-metallic portraits that were produced in medallic form as carved gems or pottery from such as the Wedgewood factories. Nelson and HMS Victory even featured on horse brasses - all are listed here.

For the collector of Nelsoniana this is an invaluable guide and will also be of interest to all others interested in naval history as well as numismatists.

Card covers, 160 pages, well illustrated throughout.


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