Hammered Silver Coins

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Charles I, Crown 1625-9 Good VF_obv

Charles I, Crown 1625-9 Good VF

mm Cross rev Cross over Lys, Good Very Fine just so much of the fine details show and are clear that this is an outstanding example a real treat
Edward II, 1307-1327, Long Cross Penny. Durham Mint under Bishop Kallawe. Class 11b1_obv

Edward II, Penny Long Cross (Durham Mint under Bishop Kellawe) Class 11b1.

c.1310-1314. Reverse has a crozier as one limb of the cross. An excellent portrait piece, deeply toned and on a full flan, rare.
Edward IV, 1461-1470. Groat, York Mint. Light coinage. Good Fine_obv

Edward IV, Groat (York Mint) 1461-1470 Light coinage Good Fine

c.1464-1470. Mintmark Lis, Quatrefoils at neck and E for EBORACI on chest. Good Fine
Henry III, 1216-1272, Long Cross Penny, London Mint.Good VF_obv

Henry III, Penny Long Cross (London Mint) 1216-1272 Good VF

c.1250. Moneyer: Henry. Class 3bc. Good Very Fine with a sharp portrait.
King John Penny in Very Fine_obv

John, Penny Very Fine

King John was the youngest son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, he was King of England from 1199 until his death in 1216, he was also granted Lordship of Ireland, and coins were struck in his name for use in Ireland. His reign was remembered more for the loss of large parts of France and quarrels with the Church and English Barons resulting in the signing of the Magna Carta on 15 June 1215. The aim was to make peace between the King and the rebel barons and to ensure the protection of church rites. Here we offer these important silver pennies from his reign in Very Fine, a very collectible coin with detailed portraits. Very limited availability.