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Chalres I, Halfcrown (1625-1649) About Very Fine/ Very Fine_obv

Chalres I, Halfcrown (1625-1649) About Very Fine/ Very Fine

mm Eye SC90, about Very Fine / Very Fine
Charles I, Crown 1625-9 Good VF_obv

Charles I, Crown (Tower Mint) Good VF

Group I, frist horseman, type Ia, king on horseback left, horse caparisoned with plume on head and crupper, mm Cross Calvary over Lis. Reverse, Square-topped shield over long cross fourchee, mm Cross Calvary. Good Very Fine with much of the fine details clear, an outstanding example.
Charles I, Halfcrown (1625-1649) Good Fine_obv

Charles I, Halfcrown (1625-1649) Good Fine

Tower Mint under Parliament, mm Sun. Toned Good Fine, the King and horses head show clearly.
Charles I, Halfcrown (1625-1649) Fine/Very Fine_obv

Charles I, Halfcrown Tower Mint, mm Bell (1625-1649) Good Fine

Charles I (1625-49) Halfcrown, Tower Mint, Type 3a, mm Bell (1634-35). Good Fine, dark tone.
Edward I Canterbury Penny_obv

Edward I, Penny (Canterbury) Very Good

It is strange the King Edward I silver pennies were always so common and readily available. Today they are getting harder and harder to find. Remember that during the reign of King Edward I (1272-1307) the only coin made was the silver penny. It was such good quality of silver, that they were illegally exported, melted down and then recoined with a lower quality of silver. Sometime ago we bought part of a very famous hoard of Edward I silver pennies, known as the Montrave Hoard and discovered in 1877. We have seen common mints from this hoard being sold for up to £195. We legally bought the declared hoard and we are selling them for a hell of a lot less money. The hoard is known as the Montrave Hoard and it was legally declared to the Government and so it is legal to own today. We are offering them by the Town or City they were struck in and all will grade Very Good or better. Here we present the Canterbury Penny. Get it while you still can…
Edward I, 1272-1307, Long Cross Penny. London Mint. Class 9a1. Good Very Fine_obv

Edward I, Penny Long Cross (London Mint) Class 9a1. Good Very Fine

c.1299-1300. Star on breast. Good Very Fine and attractively toned.
Edward II, 1307-1327, Long Cross Penny. Durham Mint under Bishop Kallawe. Class 11b1_obv

Edward II, Penny Long Cross (Durham Mint under Bishop Kellawe) Class 11b1.

c.1310-1314. Reverse has a crozier as one limb of the cross. An excellent portrait piece, deeply toned and on a full flan, rare.
Edward III, Groat (Pre-Treaty) Very Fine_obv

Edward III, Groat (Pre-Treaty) Very Fine

SC40, London, annulet in one quarter, about Very Fine
Edward III, Half Groat London Very Good/Fine_obv

Edward III, Half Groat London Very Good/Fine

Pre-Treaty, mm Cross I, Very Good / Fine
Edward III, Penny (Pre-Treaty) London Very Fine_obv

Edward III, Penny (Pre-Treaty) London Very Fine

SC105, class C, Good Very Fine the flan a little chipped at the top
Edward III,Half Groat London

Edward III, Penny (Third "Florin" Coinage) London Mint Good Fine

Edward III (1327-77) Third "Florin" Coinage London Mint c.1344-51. Class 2. reads 'EDWA' Lombardic N S.1544. Good Fine
Edward VI, Shilling 1549 Very Fine_obv

Edward VI, Shilling (Second Debased Issue) 1549 MDXLIX Very Fine

Bust 4, Mintmark Roman 'Y', Southwark Mint. 5.17g, S.2466B Profile issue of the young King, the first dated coin in this country, dated in Roman Numerals. The portrait Very Fine for issue and a nice collectable example of the earliest dated coin from this country.
Elizabeth I_Sixpence_Ewerby_Hoard_Fair_obv

Elizabeth I, Sixpence (Ewerby Hoard) Fair

The obverse has a reasonable impression of the portrait but will have flat areas. The reverse usually has a complete shield and date.
Elizabeth I_Sixpence_Ewerby_Hoard_Fair_Very Good_obv

Elizabeth I, Sixpence (Ewerby Hoard) Fair - Very Good

The obverse has an impression of the portrait but may have some flat areas. The reverse has a complete shield and date.
Elizabeth I_Sixpence_Ewerby_Hoard_Poor_obv

Elizabeth I, Sixpence (Ewerby Hoard) Poor

Coins are occasionally clipped. The obverse portrait will be worn out but legends are readable. The reverse will usually have a clear impression of the shield and date.
James I, Halfgroat (1621-23) Good Very Fine_obv

James I, Halfgroat (1621-23) Good Very Fine

mintmark Thistle, Third coinage, 1621-23. Good Very Fine, toned and a super example.
James I, Shilling (1615-16) Very Fine_obv

James I, Shilling (1615-16) Very Fine

Second Coinage 5th bust mm Tun.
James I, Shilling (1621-3) Fine-Very Fine_obv

James I, Shilling (1621-3) Fine-Very Fine

1st Coinage, Mm Thistle (1621-3) Fine-Very Fine
James I, Shilling About Very Fine_obv

James I, Shilling About Very Fine

mm Key, about Very Fine for this issue.
James I_Sixpence_(Ewerby Hoard)_in Fair_Obv

James I, Sixpence (Ewerby Hoard) in Fair

In 2016, a Civil War hoard of silver coins was found in Ewerby, Lincolnshire, they were declared and legally sold. We bought all of the James I Sixpences in the hoard, which was only about 60 coins and all dated in the early 1600s. The hoard was buried during the reign of King Charles I. James, his father only ruled from 1603 until 1625. These coins are difficult coins to find and, in any case, are now about 400 years old. We offer them in here in Fair. It comes in a presentation capsule with a certificate stating it comes from the Ewerby Hoard and the date of the coin. Remember, that a Sixpence is usually carried by the bride for good luck. They make wonderful gifts and are an important part of British history, there were only sixty (60) coins of James I total in the hoard. Get one for yourself while you still can...
Mary, Groat Very Fine_obv

Mary, Groat, Mm Pomegranate 1553-54 Very Fine

Mary (1553-54), Groat, Mm Pomegranate. Crowned bust facing left. Slightly bent and straightened but still Very Fine for issue with a well-struck portrait.