Rare British Coins

On this page, you’ll find all the Rare British Coins we currently have available online. Currently, they are organised into three different categories: Rare British Gold CoinsRare British Silver Coins, Rare British Copper & Bronze Coins.

In our current stock, you can find some very interesting rare coins, including A George III Crown form 1819, the year of the Peterloo massacre, a Charles II Halfcrown from 1663, and a Unique Henry III Silver Double-Penny of Canterbury.

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We do things differently from other online coin dealers. Perhaps one of the most important differences is that we do not sell anything as an investment. The second is that we actually own the stock presented in the product pages. Contrary to many companies ‘selling coins’ online from whom you’ll probably receive the usual ‘sourced to order’ message.

Many of the coins presented here are one-of-a-kind, so if any tickle your fancy, don’t hesitate to buy them now! Similar coins might not come along for a very long time... if at all.

Buying rare coins online is easy and safe with Coincraft. We put your privacy and security first, and we take every possible measure to safeguard your personal details. When you use our website we route you over a secure communications line to our server, and we don't keep any of your details on file. So you can relax and buy all the coins you need for your collection safely using Paypal debit or credit card knowing your personal details are secure.

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