R. Casino 6x Gambling Chips

Bought from Las Vegas; not expensive at just £9.50 but extremely interesting and remember there are only 70 sets available. Each chip is in a heavy clay-like material.
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India Trio 1r & 2 X 2 Rupees (P53,P78A, P79)  Unc

India Trio 1r & 2 X 2 Rupees (P53,P78A, P79) Unc

A trio of lower value India denominations in Uncirculated condition. Included are one 1 rupee note and two 2 rupee notes. (P53A,78A, and P79) They are all quite small and have signs of the bundles being stapled prior to being issued which has long been the practice in India. Illustrations on the back include an oil rig, satellite, and tiger. Uncirculated India Trio.
India, Independence Medal 1950 for the Police_obv

India, Independence Medal 1950 for the Police

This medal was awarded to all the members of the Indian Police force who were serving on 26th Jan 1950, the date on which India was declared a Republic. The obverse shows the Ashokan Lions above the Indian National motto Truth Alone Prevails in Sanskrit with the words INDIAN INDEPENDENCE above and 26th January 1950 below. The reverse shows the chakra wheel with a lotus border above and the word POLICE below and the ribbon has red, blue and orange stripes. Not an easy medal to find now and this is the first time we have offered it, supplies are very limited.
Picture of Cuba, 1 Peso 1985 Iguana Head CN

Cuba, 1 Peso 1985 Iguana Head CN

From the island nation of Cuba in the Caribbean, we offer the 1985 Iguana Peso. Struck in Uncirculated cupronickel this is one of the more difficult of the early issues to find. You have the head and shoulders of an Iguana on one side and the arms of Cuba on the other side.