Canada, Newfoundland, Victorian 50 Cents

The largest denomination of silver coins issued by the province of Newfoundland in Victorian times was the Fifty Cent piece. But, you must remember in Victorian times 50 Cents was a lot of money. It was worth a few shillings. These coins are not easy to get and the ones we obtained are in Very Good condition. You have the bust of Victoria on one side and the date and value on the other side. At the time of issue, Newfoundland was not part of Canada it was a province of Canada. These are struck in good silver and are a most interesting and unusual coin. Supplies are limited and this group took us almost two years to put together.
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Edward VII, Shilling 1910 VG-Fine

Edward VII’s reign was very short, as he had to wait for his mother, Queen Victoria, to pass before he could become King. Coins for this Monarch were only issued from 1902-1910. Here we offer the 1910 Shilling, which of course was given to individuals when they joined the Services. You were said to take the King’s Shilling. This 1910 Shilling is in Very Good-Fine condition, and it was struck in Sterling Silver, which is the finest silver that coins actually meant to be used were struck in.
Canada, George V, Silver & Nickel 5 Cents

Canada, George V, Silver & Nickel 5 Cents

In Canada, in the reign of King George V, the 5 Cent coin was struck in 925 fine Silver, Sterling Silver. They started striking this coin in Silver in 1858 under Queen Victoria. The Canadians were quite proud of the coin and gave it the nickname of ‘a fish scale’, it is small and shiny just like a fish scale. But, in 1922, something happened and it was called inflation and the world started to go, shall we say, into economic problems. They decided to make the coin in nickel which they had a whole lot of and save the silver for elsewhere. So they issued a large chunky Five Cents in nickel. For the first time, we are offering the pair of King George V Five Cent Pieces, one in silver and one in nickel. Both coins are in very good condition.