Qarlughid Copper 'Horse Type' Jital

The Qarlughids (or Karluk Turks) were a tribe founded by Hasan the father and Nasir the son who wandered out of Afghanistan and took over Sind in Pakistan. They established a short-lived but prosperous Muslim principality and dynasty that lasted between 1224 and 1266. The coins on off er are small copper Jitals issued by Nasir Al-Din Muhammad (1249-59). Jitals are a category of every-day coin in silver, billon and copper minted between 750 and 1250 AD in the area which is now East-Afghanistan, Pakistan and North-West India. The coin shows an outline of a horse on the obverse with an Arabic legend around and on the reverse is a Nagari inscription. Over 750 years old and off ered in at least Good Very Fine condition.
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