Prince Philip 5 Medallion Collection in Case

Prince Philip Memorial Collection: five handsome full colour medallions in a Worth Collection presentation case. They show the important and fun parts of his life, you can enjoy his life and what a life it was. We highly respected and admired the late Prince Philip, some of us had the pleasure of seeing him close up twice. He was a worthy gentleman and is greatly missed.
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Elizabeth II 5 Medallion Collection in Case

Elizabeth II, 5 Medallion Collection in Case

Queen Elizabeth II: five important medallions covering various parts of her long and glorious reign. Again full colour in the famous Worth Collection Presentation Case. Next year is the platinum jubilee of her Majesty The Queen. We doubt many companies will be offering you a collection of 5 different medallions in a presentation case for just £19.50. Coincraft – Britain’s Coin Shop gives you The Worth Collection value for the money.