Postal Strike Cover with Samoa $1

In 1996, when the Post Office was on strike, they allowed people, for 30 days only, to issue stamps for ‘Private Delivery Post’. Coincraft had House of Quester, the same people who printed stamps for the Post Office to print our stamps. We used photographs of coins that had actually been issued so there was no copy-right problem. The values of the stamps are 1p, 10p, 25p, 50p, £1 and £5. This cover has the complete set of 6 stamps issued for the wedding of Price Andrew and Miss Sarah Ferguson. To make it even more interesting, enclosed is a crown of Samoa that was issued in 1986 for the wedding. Little did we know just how difficult this crown would turn out to be. We only did 110 crown covers and never offered it for sale. We found them the other day and you have the chance to own one of these low mintage Postal Strike Crown Covers. The crown is uncirculated and the cover has all 6 stamps, cancelled to order.
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