Portugal, 200 Escudos (Presidency of EU Commemorative)

1992 Presidency of the EU commemorative issue, crownsized Uncirculated.
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Portugal, 100 Escudos 1990 Anniversary of Restoration of Independence

A commemorative coin from Portugal: a 100 Escudos commemorative of the restauration of independende from Spain, it was issued in 1990, and is between a small crownsized and crownsized. They were made when the mints thought about and cared for collectors.
Peru, 10 Soles, 1969. KM.253_obv

Peru, 10 Soles, 1969. KM.253

This halfcrown sized coin was issued by the South American country of Peru in 1969. It has a modern representation of two fish on the reverse and the Peruvian coat of arms on the obverse. You don’t see all that many modern coins from Peru and this one has quite an attractive design on it and is in uncirculated condition. Supplies are very limited.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Farthing 1953 Brilliant Unc

Elizabeth II, Farthing 1953 Brilliant Unc

In 1953 the Royal Mint issued new coins for the new Queen, Elizabeth II. But the legend was different from all the coins that were to come, so that the 1953 coins and the Farthing in particular are one year type coins. This is important because there were only 4 dates of Elizabeth II Farthings ever issued, 1956 being the last date of issue. Because the 1953 Coronation Farthing is a one year type, it is also the most difficult one to get in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. We bought a group that had been put away in 1953, some 65 years ago and had lain undisturbed until now. Add a one year type, 1953 Coronation Farthing in Brilliant Uncirculated to your collection, they are not easy to get.