Portugal, 200 Escudos (Presidency of EU Commemorative)

1992 Presidency of the EU commemorative issue, crownsized Uncirculated.
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Portugal, 100 Escudos 1990 Anniversary of Restoration of Independence

A commemorative coin from Portugal: a 100 Escudos commemorative of the restauration of independende from Spain, it was issued in 1990, and is between a small crownsized and crownsized. They were made when the mints thought about and cared for collectors.
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Ceylon, Edward VIII Cupro-nickel

This Ceylon Edward VIII piece is one of the more difficult to get in cupro-nickel. We know this better than anyone else, because Richard had them struck. We found it the other day in a storeroom, supplies are limited and all are Uncirculated.
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Portugal, 250 Escudos 1989 850th Anniversary of founding

We have purchased a nice group of Uncirculated Portuguese commemorative coins issued when Portugal still used the Escudo. Here we offer the 250 Escudos 1989, a commemorative coin of the 850th anniversary of the founding of Portugal. Uncirculated