Portugal, 200 Escudos (California) 1992

Map of California and João Rodrigues Cabrilho, the first European to navigate the coast of modern California.
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Picture of Greece, 1000 Drachma, 1939. VF Condition

Greece, 1000 Drachma, 1939. VF Condition

These 1000 drachma notes are dated 1939, that’s 2 years before Greece was occupied by the Axis powers in 1941 during the Second World War. It was the largest denomination at the time and, during the war, Greece suffered terribly from runaway inflation. The front of the note features a young woman in national dress. The back has a portrait of Athena to the left with an imposing illustration of The Parthenon which even today dominates the Athens skyline. (P110)
Picture of Tristan da Cunha, Crown (Lawrence of Arabia) 2010 gold-plated

Tristan da Cunha, Crown (Lawrence of Arabia) 2010 gold-plated

This Crown was issued in 2010 and it honoured the famous adventurer T. E. Lawrence known as Lawrence of Arabia. They even made a film about him and it won lots of Academy Awards. The gold-plated crown shows Lawrence with a camel behind him. The obverse has a portrait H. M. Queen Elizabeth II. It was issued by Tristan da Cunha and the British Flag is coloured in red, white, and blue. We only managed to get 100 of these and Lawrence is so popular that they might not last long on our website.