Macedon, Philip II (358-336 B.C.) AE.18 Very Fine

Philip II ruled from 359-336 B.C. and began the rise of the Kingdom of Macedon. He reformed the army and was able to dominate the rest of the Greek city-states. As he was preparing to invade the Achaemenid Persian Empire he was assassinated by a member of his bodyguard so his son Alexander the Great took over, how different history could have been! The last time we had this type they sold out in all grades and it has been hard to get more! These bronze coins grade Very Fine, show the head of Apollo on the obverse and a naked youth on horseback on the reverse. Be the proud owner of a nearly two and a half thousand-year-old coin of Philip II of Macedon, Father of Alexander the Great.
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Macedon. Philip II 358-336 B.C.. AE.18. Obverse. The head of Apollo facing to right, hair bound with a Tania. Reverse. A naked youth on a horse prancing to right, a spearhead below. Choice Good Very Fine.

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