Petition Crown Coin Replica & Jigsaw

The Petition Crown was a pattern coin produced in 1663 by Thomas Simon, a celebrated English medalist and coin designer. The coin was submitted directly by the artist to King Charles II in an attempt to grab the King's attention and as a personal 'petition' against the contemporary coins designed by the Flemish brothers John and Joseph Roettiers with whom Simon had an ongoing rivalry. Only 14 specimens of the original Petition Crown are known to exist, nine of which are in museums, three of which are in private collections, and the whereabouts of the other two are not known. The last time an example came onto the market in 2018 it sold in New York for a staggering $649,000.00!! The replicas on offer here are obviously not engraved to the same level of detail, but they do offer a chance to appreciate one of the most celebrated of all English coins, and they won't set you back quite as much. We are also offering a jigsaw of the famous Petition Crown, so you can have both in your collection. But be aware, completing the jigsaw can be very challenging as it is double-sided. We suggest you use the coin replica as a reference to complete the jigsaw. Good luck! Not everyone can own a Petition Crown, but we tried to make these items accessible to all our collectors!
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Petition Crown Coin Replica & Jigsaw

Coin Replica:

  • Silver-plated nickel
  • diameter 38.61 mm


  • Double-sided
  • 103 pieces

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