Peru, Olympic Discuss Pattern 20 Nuevos Soles 1996

Issued in 1996 to commemorate the Olympics held in Atlanta, USA. Low mintage silver proofs.
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In 1996 Peru authorized a series of pattern crowns for the Olympics which were held in Atlanta, Georgia, US. Unfortunately they were too late and only a very small number (125 pieces) were ever struck.
Peru is fast becoming a very rich country and as most of these patterns never made it to Peru; they just might be something for the future. We have the discus issue with the seated Liberty on the reverse in stock. It also honours the centenary of the modern Olympics 1896-1996.
These are struck in Proof Sterling Silver and there were only 125 made in Silver. Add one to your collection or collect a crown of a country or start an Olympic collection. In any case they are very low mintage Silver patterns, they are RARE and they are cheap for what they are.