Persia, Silver 1/8 Qirans (Krans), AH1271-Ah1342 (1854-1924)

‘Shahi-e-safid’ or ‘White Sahi’ Persian New Year Silver Coins
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We bought part of a hoard of choice Persian Silver coins, ones that we had never seen before. The description that we were given when we bought the lot was ‘Persia, Silver 1/8 Qirans (Krans), AH1271-AH1342, 1854-1924, Known as ‘Shahi-e-safid’ or ‘White Sahi’ to distinguish them from the copper Sahis, they were struck not for circulation but as gifts for the New Year celebrations. Mint state or there about’.
They are beautiful little silver coins and in choice condition, they are also priced at a level that we think you will appreciate.

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