Victoria, Bonomi Design (Scotland) Silver Patina Matt Proof

When Victoria became Queen, there was a sort of contest to design her new coinage. An engraver by the name of Bonomi came up with something unique at the time. He wanted to make the bust and legend below the surface of the coin. It was unusual and different, so it was rejected. It was rather handsome, a few years ago the Patina Series decided to use that as a base for new designs. This time they would make the reverse to honour Scotland, Ireland and Australia. The obverse still had the incuse portrait of Queen Victoria but the reverses were now different, one for each country. They are struck in crown-sized Matt Proof Sterling Silver with mintages between 50 and 70 pieces of each. They are beautiful, they are Rare and we think they are priced low enough to amaze you. Remember today the Royal Mint charges about £82 for a silver crown-sized piece with the mintage running into the thousands. For a Silver Patina of this low mintage you would expect to pay over £100. We have just 30 and we are going to offer them to you while they last.
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