Pakistan, 1971 War with India Medal

This medal was Instituted in 1972 to award active service personnel who fought in the war with India between 3-16 December 1971. It was a very short war as within 13 days India had a very clear advantage and the Commander of the Pakistan forces surrendered. Even during such a short time Indian forces had taken around 90,000 of the Pakistan forces prisoner. The result was the formation of East Pakistan as the new nation of Bangladesh Struck in cupro-nickel with a plain suspension bar and a green ribbon with dark blue, pale blue and red stripes representing the Airforce, Navy and Army which are also represented by the corresponding insignia on the medal itself around the central crescent and star of Pakistan. The reverse of the medal has an Urdu inscription at the top with the Arabic date ١٣۹١ (1391 = 1971 A.D.) below with jasmine wreaths to either side; on original ribbon.
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During and after World War II the Government issued a series of medals to honour the gallant heroes who fought in the different theatres of the war. Offered here is the France & Germany Star, for award to British Commonwealth forces who served in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands or Germany and adjacent sea areas between 6 June 1944 and 8 May 1945, during the Second World War. Remember these are the actual medals that were awarded and NOT reproductions. All come with the official ribbons and are in nice collectable condition, but supplies are limited.
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Instituted on 20 July 1964 and amended in 1976 to be extended to civilians and foreigners. This is awarded to members of the armed forces for courage and valour during military operations. It may also be awarded for more generalized courage of exceptional service in the public interest. This is the 3rd Class of the order awarded to enlisted personnel. The design is a gilt eight-pointed star with a circular central medallion showing a horseman charging left brandishing a sabre with Arabic script and green enamelled wreaths below. The reverse of the medal is blank and it is suspended from a wreathed loop with a red, white and blue ribbon with a pin attached for wearing. Unusual and never offered before.
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Belgium World War II Military Fighter Medallion

Issued to the brave men and women, who served in World War II from Belgium. It was issued at the end of World War II and is a rather handsome piece. You have the rampant lion of Belgium superimposed on a cross within a circle. The other side has a raised dagger or sword with the dates 1940 and 1945. It is a yellowy bronze metal and comes with a green, red, black, and yellow ribbon. We believe this is the first time that we have been able to offer this medallion, one that was given to the brave Belgium fighters who fought and won against great odds. We think you will like this simple but important medallion.