Pakistan, 1956 Republic Medal

Awarded to members of the Pakistani armed forces, police forces, selected civilian officials, and selected non-officials to commemorate the inauguration of the Republic of Pakistan, 23 March 1956. The obverse has a calligraphic inscription “Jamhuria Islamia Pakistan” or “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan” within a wreath and the reverse has in English “23rd MARCH 1956” in the centre with the same above in Urdu “9 Shaaban-ul-Muazzam 1375”, and below in Bengali “Jamhuria Islamia Pakistan” or “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. The medal is suspended from a straight-bar with a swivelling suspender and is unnamed, as issued. This is an original, full-size award complete with the original ribbon of equal strips of green, red, black, and white.
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