Pair of Victoria JH & OH Threepences EF

A dealer sold us a small bag of very nice condition Victorian Threepences. Now they have been cleaned in the past, so they are very bright and shiny, but some of us like our silver shiny! The Jubilee Heads are all dated 1887, the Old or Veiled Head could be any date from 1893 to 1901. They are being offered as a pair in Extremely Fine condition, some of the 1887s are better. At least 123 years old and made of sterling silver, these Victorian threepences are great.
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Jersey 1957 3d BU_obv

Jersey 1957 3d BU

In 1957 the island of Jersey authorised a new threepence coin, or quarter of a shilling, which unlike its counterpart in the rest of the United Kingdom was round. On the obverse of the coin is the image of a crowned portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse shows the island’s coat of arms with the value written underneath. These inexpensive coins come in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
Elizabeth I Sixpence Very Good_obv

Elizabeth I, Sixpence Very Good

When Elizabeth I (1558-1603) ascended the throne in 1558, she boldly set about improving the quality of England’s coinage following the debasement of silver under her father Henry VIII. Throughout her reign, large quantities of silver coins were produced, and much of the silver was obtained from raiding Spanish ships. Many silver denominations were produced under Elizabeth’s reign, from the Rare Crowns and Halfcrowns, the mass-produced shillings and sixpences, and the more unusual small denominations — groats, threepences, half-groats, three-halfpence, pennies, three-farthings, and halfpenny. The silver sixpence was one of the most popular denominations. They feature a portrait of the Queen facing left with Tudor rose behind, the reverse features a long cross fourchée over quartered shield of arms, with the date above (1560-1601), and Latin legend reading “I Have Made God My Helper”. We are delighted to offer you Elizabeth I sixpences from the Tower Mint in London. Each is in Very Good condition with a clear depiction of the Queen. These are fantastic coins, each is over 420 years old, struck in Sterling Silver, and bears the portrait of Elizabeth I. Perfect for your growing Elizabeth I Collection. The coins are all dated on the reverse, because of the thinness of the planchet the designs are not struck up as well as modern coins. But they were issued in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
Picture of Lundy, 1977 Puffin & 1/2 Puffin

Lundy, 1977 Puffin & 1/2 Puffin

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee 1952-1977. She visited Lundy and a souvenir sheet was issued to honour that event. We have been offering that souvenir sheet with the two coin-tokens of a Puffin and a Half Puffin based on the first Lundy coin-tokens issued in 1929. At that time, the Government took umbrage, and the man who made them had to go to court. Many of our collectors want the coin-tokens, but do not want the souvenir sheet. They are struck in copper and are in brilliant Proof condition. Well worth adding to your collection, after all, how many Lundy issues have there been?