Pair of Dogecoins in Presentation Case

Well, you have heard of Bitcoins, well two engineers did too. As a joke, they started Dogecoins on the internet. Some joke, there are now over $85 Billion and you read that right, billion dollars worth in circulation. Of course like the Bitcoin no one has ever seen one as they exist in the computer world, not the real one. Well, our friends made that possible by making his own crownsized Dogecoins. They have a Shiba Inu on one side with the inscription ‘plz mine v rich very currency wow much coin how money so crypto.’ The other side has huge ‘D’ and 1 dogecoin. Of course, it has value only as a collector's piece and that is how we are offering it. We have a pair of these crownsized Dogecoins one silver-plated, one gold-plated, in capsules in a handsome display case. Well, it may be crazy but there are $85 billion dollars worth out there. Nice presentation set, especially if you like dogs...
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