Pair of Dogecoins in Presentation Case

Well, you have heard of Bitcoins, well two engineers did too. As a joke, they started Dogecoins on the internet. Some joke, there are now over $85 Billion and you read that right, billion dollars worth in circulation. Of course like the Bitcoin no one has ever seen one as they exist in the computer world, not the real one. Well, our friends made that possible by making his own crownsized Dogecoins. They have a Shiba Inu on one side with the inscription ‘plz mine v rich very currency wow much coin how money so crypto.’ The other side has huge ‘D’ and 1 dogecoin. Of course, it has value only as a collector's piece and that is how we are offering it. We have a pair of these crownsized Dogecoins one silver-plated, one gold-plated, in capsules in a handsome display case. Well, it may be crazy but there are $85 billion dollars worth out there. Nice presentation set, especially if you like dogs...
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Roman Britain & Roman Gaul, Barbarous Radiates 275-286 AD

Late in the ‘Crisis of the Third Century’ Britain & Northern France did not have enough regular coinage so the locals took matters into their own hands! Recent research shows the new, superior silver coin of Aurelian were being saved and not used, so for about 11 years (A.D. 275-286) crude, bronze coins were made locally to ‘top up’ the coins in circulation. They copied old types from Gallienus, Postumus, Claudius II (to name a few) but the quality of the designs varied hugely as they were made by normal people risking death for ‘counterfeiting’. We have a group of these ‘Barbarous Radiates’ that all show a head on the obverse and different reverses, but as they are crudely made, the first to order will get the best. Add to your collection an ancient coin of the people who risked death just to help out their local area, a local coin for local people!

Greek Dolphin Money from Olibia

This is something you will not see often. These bronze coins from Greek colony city of Olbia in Thrace were cast in the shape of a dolphin! They were made to honour their god Apollo Delphinios. This name is linked to the story of Cretan sailors in a storm who were guided to safety by Apollo shaped as a dolphin, landing at Delphi they became his priests. It also likely that the people were imitating what they saw, there were large numbers of dolphins in the Black Sea and still are today! Playful and intelligent, they would have been as friendly then as they are now. These were cast in bronze in the 5th to 4th centuries B.C., and because of this process do not have a tail. They show the body, the vast majority have the dorsal fin and some will even have eye pellets. As always the first to order will get the best, in this case the shape and features!