Pacorus I (not II) A.D. 78-110. AR Drachm. GEF

We used to know Pacorus (A.D. 78-110) of the Parthian Empire as ‘the Second’ because of a Pacorus recorded in 39 B.C. but recent scholarship indicates he was only ever a prince, not king! So, the later Pacorus is now known as Pacorus the First. Not confusing at all, right?! Well, the man now known as Pacorus the First had an interesting reign. He defeated two usurpers, he supported a Nero pretender against the Romans (eventually executing him), and he expanded long distance trade with China, convincing them not to travel to Rome, keeping them all to himself! He had a long and successful reign during which time Parthia was Rome’s major rival but he lasted from Vespasian to Trajan, five emperors’ worth of stability. We have bought a group of his artistic Silver Drachms. They show his diademed bust on the obverse with his pointed beard & on the reverse the first Parthian ruler (Arsaces I) shown with blundered Greek legend around. These coins are at least Good Extremely Fine with the majority being Mint state! We don’t see Parthian groups very often but if these sell well, we will have to try to get more rulers…
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