On This Day... 27th September

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In this feature, we look back at historical events that have occurred on this date.
On this exact date in 1779, John Adams was appointed to negotiate peace terms with Great Britain. Today is also Native American Day in the U.S. states of California and Nevada, which is celebrated every fourth Friday of September. Because It's not every year that these two events coincide, and because we've just launched a page dedicated to American Coins, we decided to present you, our esteemed world coin collectors, with a selection of American coins to mark the occasion.
27th September 1779, John Adams appointed to negotiate revolutionary war peace terms with Great Britain
As previously mentioned, it was on this date that John Adams was appointed to travel to France to negotiate peace and commercial treaties with Great Britain. Soon after his appointment, Adams sailed to France aboard the French ship, Sensible, which was due to arrive in Brest. An early leak in the ship, however, forced its occupants to land at El Ferrol, Spain. From there, John Adams travelled by mule train across the Pyrenees to reach French soil, finally arriving in Paris in February 1780. The negotiation process would take almost 4 years, with the British Crown finally formally recognising American independence on September 3rd, 1783. Adams would later go on to become Ambassador to Great Britain in 1785, Vice-president of the United States from 1789–97, and the young nation's second president on March 4, 1797.
Prior to these events, and as far as money is concerned in the 18th century, the United States faced a great shortage of small coins. Great Britain did not supply its colonies with sufficient coinage and forbid them from making their own. The Colonists were so desperate for small change, that they accepted coins that they knew were counterfeit, just to have something to make change. So, although the coin below is a forgery, it was widely accepted in the American Colonies as money.
United States of America, 18th Century Counterfeit Halfpenny
Diameter: approx27.6 mm


The relationship between the United States and Great Britain has changed since the late 18th Century, and the U.S. has become one of Britain's closest allies, having fought beside the United Kindom in the first and second World Wars. The Silver Peace Dollar below was first issued after the First World War and is possibly one of the most beautiful American coins ever issued. A fine addition to any collection, particularly to a World War I related collection.
United States of America, the Silver Peace Dollar. Brilliant Uncirculated in case.
Diameter:approx 38.1 mm


27th September 2019, Native American Day (California and Nevada)
In 1968, the then Governor of California Ronald Regan signed a resolution calling for a holiday called American Indian Day. The holiday was to be observed on the fourth Friday of September, but it wasn't until 1998 that Native American Day was finally recognised as an official state holiday by the California Assembly. Since 1997, the state of Nevada also celebrates Native American Day on the fourth Friday of September: The holiday celebrates Native American cultures and contributions to the United States.
To mark this occasion, we bring you an Indian Head Cent, the coins are all in Very Good condition, but upon ordering, dates will be of our choice. Unfortunately, we are not offering any rare dates.
United States of America, Native American Head Cent 
Dimensions: approx 19.05 mm


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