On This Day... 24th July

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In this feature, we look back at historical events that have occurred on this date.

On this day... 24th July

Today marks the anniversary of two important historical events. One is the birth of Simón Bolivar, the other the re-discovery of Machu Picchu by Hiram Bingham III. To commemorate the date, we've put together a selection of banknotes and a silver crown featuring Simón Bolivar, accompanied by a Peruvian banknote with an illustration of Machu Picchu.

24th July 1783, Birth of Simón Bolívar
As mentioned, today's date would have marked the 236th birthday of Simón Bolívar. Known in South America as the "Liberator", Bolivar was the first president of Gran Colombia (present-day Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador) from 1819 to 1830.
Venezuela, Silver Crown-sized 5 Bolivares. Very Good,£29.50(FVZ-0001)
Diameter: 37.2 mm
Bolivia 5 Bolivianos P138d Unc,£6.50(WBO0630)
Dimensions: 135 x 62 mm
Venezuela Revalued 100-20,000 Bolivares (7 values) Unc,£9.50(WVE2380)
24th July 1911, Re-discovery of Machu Picchu
The explorer and politician Hiram Bingham III made public the existence of Machu Picchu on 24th July. Although others have since come forward claiming they've seen the Inca citadel before, Bingham is widely credited with bringing the "lost city" into the public eye. The Citadel has since become a major tourist attraction and has inspired the creation of various works of fiction.

To celebrate the event we bring you a Peruvian 10 soles in Uncirculated condition.
Peru 10 Soles 2016 P191 Pilot/Machu Picchu Unc,£7.25(WPE1470)
Dimensions: 140 x 65 mm
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